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Latest News

To find out more about us, our teachers, our programme, you are welcome to join our Parent Information Session (PIS)  on Sunday 23rd July 2017 @ 1pm... read more

Let us look at Heguru@Sembawang from the point of view of a parent. Click here!

Heguru @ Sembawang invited child pschologist Dr. Reena Dabas as the resource speaker at the Parents' Talk held earlier in April. She delivered a very insightful talk on "Vision Driven Children: Right Brain Thinking Skills for Creativity and... read more

Parents' Testimonials

- Nachammai (Aksharaa's Mummy)
Before attending HEGL, Aksharaa was very shy. Now she is able to express more and her speaking of English is also very good. Initially, she was not able to remember things like colors and alphabets that well . Now, I find her more enthusiastic in learning. Her attention span has also increased... read more
- Nyein (Lucas' Mummy)
Lucas has joined this program when he was 2 years old and till now he has benefitted much from it. He became more confident. He enjoys learning. He memorize things very fast and remembers what he had learnt. He look forward to coming to Heguru@Sembawang every week and he loves his teachers a lot... read more

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