Infant and Toddler Class


Educational research has always emphasized the golden period of a child during the infant and toddler age. It is a crucial period when a child builds his fundamental abilities.  HEGL Heguru offers the programme that is best during this optimal period. Through a full-scale and holistic right brain training programme, we create an environment to fully unveil the potential of each and every student.

Age: From 6 months to 3 years old
Duration: 50 minutes
Number of lessons:  42 lessons per year

*To be accompained with one parent only.

The objective of this program focuses on tapping the potential of the right brain to further strengthen its amazing abilties while building bonds and improving communication skills between parents and children.  

Highlights of the Heguru Infant & Toddler Programme:

  • With two Heguru teachers per class, lessons are fast-paced and with personalized guidance.
  • Effective learning environment to unleash the genius within your child. 
  • Helps enlarge brain capacity of your child.
  • Encourages parent's participation to help children activate their potential abilities.
  • Enables both parents and children to grow together in a happy environment.
  • Sharing by instructors on various aspects of raising your child.
  • Provides substantial individual follow-ups (progress meeting) conducted on a one-to-one basis.