What is Heguru?

What is Heguru?

Heguru is an effective early childhood education method that has been studied and developed by Hirotada and Ruiko Henmi for more than 30 years. While conventional educational methods mainly focus on “how instructors teach children”, the Heguru method focuses on “how to grow the children’s ability to acquire education”. 

We offers programme that is best during the child's optimal period.
Our lesson will be conducted in high speed and large volume to stimulate their right brain.


How does it work?

  • Photographic Memory
  • Strengthen Concentration

  • Rich Creativity

  • High Speed Data Processing Ability

  • Discovering Child's Potential Ability

  • Superior IQ and EQ

  • Outstanding Personality

  • Revolutionary Thinking Power


  *As a result, your child will be positive and confident.



We at Heguru aim to nurture people who can make meaningful contributions to the happiness and evolutionary development of human beings in the world. We strive to help people develop the ability to judge matters rationally with empathy and insight.  Heguru education cultivates the heart to be filled with love and bravery.